doesn't matter anyway

by the pleasure holes

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recorded from January to June in the guest bedroom.

written, produced, mixed, and mastered by the pleasure holes. sounding crappy is my fault.


released June 8, 2016

thank you nick, tucker, chris and skyler. without you guys i wouldn't be making a fool of myself with music. :)



all rights reserved


the pleasure holes Maryland

the pleasure holes are good for the ear holes

i make music in a bedroom, am the lamest of the lame

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Track Name: Lovebug
i see it in your eyes
i've seen the kind before
all i want it some love
you just to be adored
i don't care what they say
i am here to stay
you're a lovebug
Track Name: Downer
hey, did you find
what the hell you're looking for
i only said
we'd go once we're dead
love, the lights so bright
everyone is so kind
is it just my mind
or am i really gone
Track Name: Sugared Rain
the rain it falls
sugared and tame
i cry i run
i lie my way through life
that sold decay away
the rain it falls
cold and plain
i weep i seek
i reach today groping for
the hope that's sold in tender sores

rain falls down

the rain it falls
fade and grey
do you still love that person today
lives here now
or is it just inertia

the rain it falls sad and stayed i want i need
i lay today come place the tender cords
around my neck

yeah we never talked about the pain
yeah we never talked about the shame
Track Name: What You Do
stuck to the chair
watching the waves blow on by
what you said
was true at this time
right in there
a view hidden from the sky
i take my secrets
and bury them alive
what you do is what you do
gestures of
happiness designed
what i am
just another person in line
Track Name: The See Sea
if i said it right now
then you aught to know
glimmering needs
now you gotta go
what was it we bled very long ago
the sea see
to be so calm, when the earth is shaking down
to be so strong, when the pain goes all around
Track Name: Big Sky
i never knew it's you
when you walk on through
it goes on and on
fields far and wide
orange pink sky
it goes on and on
you always hoped for change
nothing stays the same
it goes on and on
i sure hope it doesn't rain
wash away the day
it goes on and on
Track Name: Doesn't Matter Anyway
you know it's unbearable
the way i need to lie down
you know it's okay to say
i won't do for now
doesn't matter anyway
you're gone
you ever wonder why
i didn't say goodbye
you know it's okay
to say I won't do for now
doesn't matter anyway
you're gone